03 Nov

One of the most exciting things we've been able to be a part of in recent months is helping to cast vision for accelerating a disciple making movement using media with other churches and individuals in Croatia. We've made recent trips to Pula, Vinkovci and Vukovar to discuss our approach and to invite others into our growing coalition of disciple makers. 

Recently, we added four new team members in two cities (Makarska and Karlovac) who are serving as Multipliers in our network. Multipliers are believers who are willing to meet one on one in person with those we connect with online. Once we identify someone who is spiritually seeking, we share his or her contact info with a Multiplier, who attempts to connect with the individual within 24 hours. One of our greatest ongoing prayer requests is for more Multipliers to be added to our team so that we'll have on the ground disciple makers in every part of the country. 

We're also thrilled about the doors God is opening up around the region and throughout Europe for this digital media ministry. We've been working to launch two teams in Macedonia (one to reach native Macedonians and the other to reach the Albanian speaking minority). We've been using the MAWL approach of passing on what we've been given... of using our blessings to bless others. MAWL means Model, Assist, Watch, and Leave. These teams are nearing completion of their training and hope to launch by the beginning of 2021. In addition to Macedonia, the groundwork is being prepared for new teams in Czechia, Albania and Montenegro. It is exciting to see how God is using this tool for His glory in the region which already includes teams in Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia! May God be glorified as we seek to win as many as possible through the Gospel. 

CLICK HERE to watch a video that provides a snapshot of our ministry approach, Media2DMM, in a U.S. context.