18 Dec

For about six months we've been praying with our teammates about something called the Disciple Making Movement. Simply, DMM is an intentional shift away from trying to attract people to churches and toward taking the Gospel to spiritually open people in their homes or in other small group settings. We are committed to this strategy to the extent that we've determined to spend the majority of our time and ministry focus in this direction. 

Side note: Of course we believe in the local church, but we also believe that the best strategy to reach people in this culture who are often skeptical of organized religion (especially groups other than the Catholic church) may be to focus first on prayer. 

We're praying that God will open up doors for us to connect with individuals and families that He is already drawing to himself... many of whom wonder if there is something more to life and are looking for answers beyond themselves. When we do, we want to be ready to answer the "something more" question with Scripture using Discovery Bible Study. This approach encourages active obedience to the Word and evangelism from the beginning. 

We're in the early stages, but we believe that many will come to know Christ as the Gospel spreads from one spiritually open person to his or her circle of influence and beyond. We're praying for a movement of God and that we'll see at least four groups that multiply forward into four more groups each... That's at least 16 house churches that are studying and obeying God's Word together! That's nešto više! That's something more!

Please join us in praying for God to do what we cannot do without Him.