18 Dec

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we took Nash to a local clinic because he'd been sick for several days and seemed to be getting worse. When we arrived at the clinic, Nash was in really bad shape. He was in pain, barely able to walk, and basically unresponsive to what was going on around him. The doctor ran some tests and said some words that surprised me and ultimately proved true. "Now everything makes sense, your son has diabetes. He needs to go to the emergency room." The clinic called an ambulance and within minutes Nash was being admitted to the Pediatric ICU at Rebro Hospital

We didn't understand how serious the situation was until we learned more about diabetic ketoacidosis, which is often the first sign for young people that they have Type 1 Diabetes. Nash received excellent care in the pediatric ICU and was soon moved to a room in the pediatric endocrinology unit. He spent the next 12 days recovering and learning how to manage his diabetes. We all learned a great deal about this condition and how to ensure that Nash lives the best quality of life possible going forward. 

Please know that he is healthy and that Type 1 Diabetes can be managed well with insulin, diet, and modern advancements in treatment. Nash will be able to live a full life and do everything he would have otherwise done. He's already back at school, playing soccer, and teasing his brother. Nash is an amazing kid and we're thrilled at how well he's handling all of this, including checking his blood glucose levels and injecting his own insulin. 

We praise God for his goodness and mercy. He has been so kind to us. We've also been blessed by our family and friends who have covered Nash in prayer and served us in many thoughtful ways. Please continue to pray for Nash and our family as we adjust and make necessary changes to position Nash for the most successful, healthiest life possible.