29 Mar

Through the vision of our minister Mislav Ilić, Kušlanova partnered with sister churches from Varaždin and Rijeka will begin training members in the Disciple Making Movement strategy. Our brothers and sisters in Bosnia conducted the training in March and the hope is to launch an online campaign in early June. 

With our past experiences with DMM and DBS (Beijing, Perspectives, and youth ministry) we are excited to be a part of this renewed vision of disciple making with Kušlanova. 

What is DMM? 

Traditionally, a missionary would be responsible for going out into their community to evangelize daily, disciple as many people as they could and pray something would stick.

It put a lot of pressure on the missionary, who was solely responsible for the spiritual well-being of all their disciples. It could also limit the reach of the Gospel because it could only travel as fast as the missionary could!

Disciple Making Movements, however, can move much more quickly because it removes the missionary as the sole disciple-maker. (What?!? You're thinking. It removes the missionary? Yes! Let us explain why this is so important).

“When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace to this house.’  If someone who promotes peace is there, your peace will rest on them; if not, it will return to you."  Luke 10:5-6

With a DMM, a missionary finds a Person of Peace (a spiritually open person) in their community. They start a group with the Person of Peace and their friends and family. These groups are self-led (meaning the missionary does not lead the group just facilitates) through Discovery Bible Studies, where the group members are encouraged to share what they’re learning with their own friends and family (much like small groups in American churches). 

Eventually, as God calls on the hearts of these Kingdom seekers, each group member will go out and start their own group, then each of those members will start their own groups, and the cycle continues, multiplying the number of disciples exponentially. 

In this way, many people could be reached in months, something that would have seemed impossible to one missionary!

It’s important to note that not each DMM starts or progresses the same way. These movements tend to be messy and can look different depending on the culture and country of implementation. This is, however, the textbook structure for DMMs. Needless to say, God is doing big things through DMMs!

This will be the first of the Disciple Making Movement (that we are aware of) in Croatia! We know that in places like the Ukraine and Czech Republic they are seeing the beginning of movements and that is good news for us! Please be in prayer for those who are training and those who are seeking God.