03 Nov

We are so blessed

This COVID season has been challenging for everyone and we are thankful for the many of you that have prayed over our family, zoomed with us as we seek wisdom, and supported us financially. Grateful doesn't even begin to describe our feelings for you! 

As we continue seeking God's Kingdom here we have a few decisions ahead of us that we want to make you aware of:

1. We are hoping to purchase a larger car for our family. As we look to the future of our ministry we know that there will be an increased amount of travel to cities throughout Croatia and the surrounding region for training and equipping national believers. Our current car as many of you know was involved in a bad hit and run in mid August. After countless trips to the police department to receive a report for the insurance we were told that because they could not identify the other car we were fully responsible for the car repairs. Ugh. This got us praying and asking God what we should do moving forward. In the middle of that we became aware of a family car our missionary friends owned but needed to sell as they have returned to the States for the time being.  We have been able to help them get the car relocated, repaired, and we are currently helping them get it registered so it can be sold. Please pray that we can sell our current car to help cover the cost but we will need further funds to completely pay for the car. If you would like to contribute to helping us purchase the car please let us know

We're hoping to raise $10,000. 

2. We are so grateful for the wisdom and prayers many of you have shared with us regarding the boy's education, health, and well-being amidst COVID. Your zoom calls and marco polos have been greatly appreciated. Because of the significant rise in cases in Croatia but specifically Zagreb we have decided to move both boys to distance learning. Nash will continue with the British International School through zoom meetings and Class Dojo. With much prayer, deliberation, and consultation we have decided to move Van to an accredited online school in the states. This is the only way we can legitimately pursue home education in English with him within the Croatian law. We had hoped that he could continue in Croatian schools but between last year's teacher strike in the fall and COVID in the spring we lost much of the critical foundation for him. Going forward in the Croatian education system would only create more frustration and stress for Van. The online accredited school comes with a monthly fee that we will need help covering. If you would like to contribute to our boys' ongoing educational needs, please send us a message

We've benefited from the generous gifts of several supporters, but we need to raise an additional $1,500 for tuition.  

3. As we move more firmly into our ministry here with Media2DMM we know that we will need ongoing support for our family and our growing ministry. We are in need of additional financial partners who can contribute on a monthly basis for 2021 and beyond toward our regular support, which helps us live and serve here. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please visit our giving page (blue "John and Susan Cooper..." link under "Specialized Giving) or send us a message for more info. We trust in the Lord's provision and the work He is doing throughout this region. 

Thanks for partnering with us!